Thursday, October 18, 2012

Marble in the Shower

Cultured marble showers can be significantly less expensive than ceramic tile, and they are much less labor intensive to install! Cultured marble is made from a mixture of marble dust and polyester resin. Sheets are cut to size on the jobsite, and installed on the walls with adhesive over a waterproof pan. Silicone caulk is then used to seal any joints. Our cultured marble comes in a wide range of colors, and we're glad to help build in cool accessories like soap dishes and built-in bench or corner seats.  Alot of life's decisions are made in the shower - you might as well be in an environment that is not only quality made and installed, but beautiful and thought provoking!

Why We Love Granite

Granite is made of large mineral grains that fit tightly together, and granite always consists of the minerals quartz and feldspar, with or without a wide variety of other minerals. The quartz and feldspar generally give granite a light color, ranging from pinkish to white, but that light background color is punctuated by the darker accessory minerals. Thus classic granite has a "salt-and-pepper" look. Granite is a strong stone because its mineral grains have grown tightly together during a very slow cooling period, and the quartz and feldspar that compose it are harder than steel. Granite takes a good polish and resists weathering and acid rain, and that's why we love granite and feel good about installing it for our clients - whether it be for countertops, tables, or any other cool application they can come up with!